Major changes, I guess

So here’s the thing. If you’re a frequent visitor of my blog, you’ll know I blog A LOT about my personal  life. Like, A LOT. It’s more for me than for the readers, really, because blogging has become my way of coping, if that makes sense. When pressured, most would turn to chocolate, or ice cream, or alcohol, or a haircut. Me? I would blog.

But things have to change from here on.

One, because I think there’s a lot about my stories that need to be kept to myself. While I’m not one to care about readership and all that nitty-gritty complexities of blogging, it seems like I’ve been oversharing so much of my life, even the parts that people couldn’t care less about.

Two, I need to shut up and live life outside this literal box. I need to do the things I write here, so that instead of writing and then doing things, I might accomplish the opposite: I do things, and then I write them. The latter makes a lot more sense, and life is meant to be lived first. Experience, after all, is a better thing to write about as compared to imagination.

Finally, I hate the idea that people I’m not comfortable talking to in real life would know stories of my life through here. I hate it even that people from the past might judge me from whatever I might have written here. I’m not one to succumb into these kinds of pressure, really, but things have to change because people nowadays are harsher than the first time I wrote in an actual blog space.

So, yeah. I’ve been complaining how I have so many empty notebooks at home and I don’t get to use them. Here’s to blogging less and writing journals more.


10 thoughts on “Major changes, I guess

  1. I thought it’s more of “Going out more, blogging less” because of the busy sched. But I think this definition of yours abour Major Changes is far better than what I actually thought. :))

    “I do things, and then I write them” Yes, it makes a lot more sense. 🙂

    (I’m back on following your posts Bheb! 😀 And yeah, thanks for this kind of comment box, I was reminded that I have a WordPress accountm haha!)

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