I don’t remember when we started calling each other “tehs” but when it stuck, along with it came a higher level of comfort for me. Suddenly I can talk about everything with you girls and I don’t mind. Suddenly, we can do anything and everything and enjoy every bit of it. Also suddenly, when I was stuck and confused, you both were there to make sense out of my situation. It was a liberating feeling, the moment I left that limbo, and I was glad you girls helped me escape the clutches of bitterness and regret.

Earlier this school year, I wanted to graduate and leave the school so bad I was, to a point, just floating around. That’s what you get for making someone the center of your universe, eh? But now I want to savor every moment, every day that I can still enjoy the luscious greenery of my campus, the little hideouts where I can enjoy my “me” time. ‘Everyday’ also means countless opportunities to celebrate life with the people that stayed and sticked with me ’til I graduate. These two girls, among others 🙂

Happy birthday to the two of you, Tehs. We’re already invincible, you know, transcending tracks and all. And I know that we’ll also transcend life beyond graduation, beyond adulthood even. Our friendship, after all, is for keeps. LOVE YOU TWO SO MUCH!!! >:D<


2 thoughts on ““teh”

  1. The moment I try stalking you falls on the same day you post about blogging less.
    Kidding. I already stalk you when you sleep. Hahahahahaha

    I love you, Teh!

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