PHOTODUMP: Out with the Old

True that. Introducing: the new additions to Jee Geronimo’s life–The GUIDON News 2011-2012! (All photos taken by our Boss Kai)

In which Mayel talks about food, her best love

One of the boys

With partner Jose (forgive the haggard face)

Genuinely happy πŸ˜‰

Missing 6 more (including our Boss Kai)

From car trunk-roadtripping to pizza-eating, I can’t wait for more of our adventures, News! It’s not too obvious I’m enjoying every moment with these guys, eh? πŸ™‚

PS–To my original journalism buddies Mayel and Kai: I can’t believe we’re already at this level. Parang kahapon lang nung nasa pedestrian tayo :))Β 

It amazes meΒ how affected I am and how nonchalant you are.

Oh well.


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