The Perks of Graduation

Asking someone to write about you for your college yearbook, and getting all warm and fuzzy after reading the loveliest words that has ever been said about you, ever.

I really wish I could include everything (stupid 500 cws limit) but nonetheless, I’m happy I got to read the entire thing before I even cut it down. As for what I submitted as my write-up, well, you’ll see once I get the yearbook 😛

For the Maven of Prose (read: my character title!),

How time flies’re almost graduating! I’m so very proud of you and I hope this expresses how much I really do.

Now here’s someone who’s not afraid to speak her mind. Who could have better appropriated courage than Jee who has taken great interest in the workings of the heart.  Putting the human frailty and emotion in plain is difficult, and by most people avoided, but not to her who is quick to listen and slow to judge. This kindness and sensitivity extends to her art. For one, it’s a wonder how she can tell our stories so perfectly, we could not have done a better job ourselves.

While everyone thought she breezed through college, what with her very laid-back and carefree attitude, it was actually a rollercoaster ride: a few rejections here and there, the elusive A’s, possibly one broken heart. But that didn’t keep her from declaring that in every triumph and defeat, she is blessed. Yes, grace is what sets Jee apart and the reason why I believe in her more than anyone in this world.

Jee is also one with wisdom well beyond her years and that has kept her strong when everyone else conforms. A true leader if I do say so myself. This woman has values dug down deep, it’s only to her advantage that she’ll never let go.

We don’t even have to talk about success. She never has to fear the future because her vision is clear as crystal, directed by no less than the One who loved her first. Purity and passion may seem like two extreme concepts but together, they make Jee invincible.

As Natasha Bedingfield once sang about, “The rest is still unwritten…the pen is in your hands,” well to Jee, literally and figuratively at that. May she never run out of those heart stories and may she always speak of what’s pure and good and true. Hundreds of books await to be produced and we’d love to, very soon, see her name in them.

I can't wait for your next birthday, so here you go. HAPPINESS! HAHAHA! I lurvee you! <3.


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