Summer 2011

aka The Last Summer of My Life, should I get a job immediately after graduation:

  1. Newsbreak – My blog entries about this are not enough to express how much I’ve learned throughout the internship. And there’s more to be looked forward to even after everything ended. Praise God indeed! :>
  2. Sleepovers – I can’t even count anymore how many sleepovers I attended this summer break, but I’m telling you it’s my busiest summer ever, in so far as sleepovers are concerned. And with the same people! It’s like, we can’t get enough of each other. :>
  3. Asian Drama Marathons and everything media – and just like that, you’d know how much I am into these kinds of things. Just this summer, I finished: television series, 9 movies and book. (Yes, I hate myself too, for not reading as much as I should. In between classes this semester, I guess? Oops, I forgot: I don’t have in-between breaks O.o)

Should I let you in with the series and movies I’ve watched this summer? 🙂


1. My Name is Kim Sam Soon – an all-time crowd’s favorite, but not for me I guess. I thought it was overrated. It was cute, yes, but not my kind of tea. The second female lead was annoying. And I hated Hyun Bin for being so indecisive. I liked the ending though: it was realistic, more of what would really happen in real life. (Rating: 3.5 Patrick Stars; Read my review of this drama here)

2. Delightful Girl Choon Hyang – compared to Kim Sam Soon, I liked this one better. It was youthful but real. I felt the emotions of both actors, and their chemistry was amazing. Han Chae Young pulled of that sassy girl with a big heart, and Jae Hee did not disappoint. I hated Ajusshi aka Uhm Tae Woong (although he’s really adorable in 1N2D!) and the other second lead was useless. But based on the fact that I can’t remember the ending, it only means it didn’t appeal to me that much. (Rating: 3.5 Patrick Stars)

3. Gloomy Salad Days – Oh, GSD. What potential you have, if only you delivered properly. I want to talk about you but I can’t because I’ve already forgotten what you’re all about (except for the fact that you’re about death and you’re too gloomy). I didn’t want a shallow crush (read: Aaron Yang) to motivate me to watch, you know. But I watched you ’til the very end, and boy did I waste my time. (Rating: 2 Patrick Stars)

4. Smiling Pasta – Here’s another case of a drama you shouldn’t watch to find sense but to have a good time. This was a light TDrama, a typical TDrama actually, but it was ridiculous the entire time, no kidding. But for the moments that I enjoyed it and for the times I rooted for the girl to win the guy through her pure heart, this deserves a better ranking than GSD. (Rating: 2.5 Patrick Stars)

5. Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (Anime and Live Action) – I never doubted JDramas to deliver the laugh and the heart at the same time. That’s how my experiences with these dramas have been, from Hana Yori Dango, to Yukan Club, to everything else Japanese that I have already watched. The same goes for Yamato. It was light but it had the heart–full of it, actually. Can you believe I watched the Live Action immediately after the Anime? That’s how much I loved this one. (Rating: 4 Patrick Stars;  Read my review of this drama here)

6. 49 Days – My favorite watch of the summer!!! It was not the KDrama rom com that tickles our hearts and make us go “Awww” but it was real, it was full of emotions, and it made me cry buckets. I cried with the leads whose hearts have been broken time and again but whose hearts were also made whole throughout the 49 day-experience. I hated the villains because their reasons for being evil were totally pyscho. I loved the ending because it just fits everything and gives the series a higher sense of purpose: we may not get our happy endings all the time, but it’s the lessons learned that matters. And you know how that message is so relevant to me, right? KANG-AAAAAH! =P~ (Rating: 5 Patrick Stars; I would love to write a more in-depth review of this if only I have the time T.T)

7. I’m Sorry I Love You – What Happened in Bali Part 2? One word: depressing. It was even more depressing than GSD. At times it made sense, but the ending. THE ENDING. What a total bummer. At least WHIB’s ending made sense and fit perfectly with the storyline. I don’t know about this one though. I just didn’t like the Romeo-Juliet-esque ending. (Rating: 3 Patrick Stars)


1. Inception – Here’s when I start regretting. Why did I not watch this while it was showing on the big screens? Why? Some people say it’s overrated, but I say it’s worth the hype. But, you know, don’t take my word on this. I’m no movie-enthusiast, nor am I an analyst. But I know a good movie when I see one. And this is definitely one of them. (Rating: 5 Patrick Stars)

2. Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Now if you want a perfect example of a movie which is NOT WORTH THE HYPE, this one’s it. So much going on for JUST ONE CONFLICT. Ok, so I did cry when PNam was saying she’s okay while fighting back the tears, but the scenes after that, especially the ending, were letdowns. Not even worth rewatching. But it’s cute, it’s youthful, and it’s what a happy movie looks like. But the angst just didn’t work for me, that’s all. (Rating: 3 Patrick Stars)

3. G@me – OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY. I loved this one. The execution and the timing of everything was perfect. And it all wraps up cleanly and with style. Even the ending was perfect despite being unconventional. Two thumbs up! (Ratings: 5 Patrick Stars)

4.  The Last Castle – This is an exception to my general dislike for war/prison/military movies. This one’s brilliant. We watched it during our youth planning and evaluation, and I’m confident that we all learned a lesson or two out of this movie. (Rating: 4.5 Patrick Stars)

5. Scream 1 – Good enough thriller, but not scary. (Rating: 2 Patrick Stars)

6. Tangled – It’s been ages since I’ve watched a Disney film. I’m glad I was able to watch this one because it brought me back to my childhood; the joy of seeing your damsel-in-distress win the prince charming. It’s simple but it’s so pure and captivating at the same time. And the animation was well done. Soundtrack’s good as well! I should watch/rewatch them Disney films. (Rating: 5 Patrick Stars)

7. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World – This is the kind of movie people my age (and people in my university) would watch, but it’s too hipster for me, I think. I’m just not cool like that. (Rating: 3. 5 Patrick Stars)

8. Juno – This one has the indie vibe, but I kind of liked it. It struck me because so many women out there are experiencing teenage pregnancy, and it’s just one story among thousands of stories of teenage moms who are going through the struggles of doing what is right (by keeping their baby) and of having to deal with a world that looks down on them. It’s heartwarming and real. (Rating: 4.5 Patrick Stars)

9. Super 8 – I’m not into extra-terrestrial movies (refer to this review for proof) but I got through watching this one because it has side stories that were actually interesting. (Rating: 3.5 Patrick Stars)

There you have it. Lengthy list, huh? ‘Til next summer! 😀


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