Jee 2.0

Yes. 2.0. You do know where I got that from, don’t you? It’s like web 2.0; it’s still web, only better. Or when a particular website adds a 2.0 to its name; it’s still the same website, only better.

Ano pa nga ba? This is still me, Jee, only better. I think better days are ahead me from now on. I can’t wait! I’ll make sure to tell you guys about it more. I’m excited, because the Lord has again, by His grace and mercy and love, stirred up my heart. He placed a fresh, irreplaceable joy deep within. And I can’t wait to talk/write/sing about it.

Your joy has captured my heart, I can’t help but dance and sing, hope has caused my fears to slide away. :”)

P.S. And this time’s for real, I tell you. 😀


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