Of thesis, Rainie Yang, and Mellow

I’m wasting my time but I’m blogging anyway. Because–and this may not come as a shocker, really–my groupmates and I are doing a thesis on *drumroll please*…


That’s right. How perfect, right? Like, I get to study a phenomenon that I’m a participant of!  But I won’t talk about it yet (or would I even talk about it ever?) lest I bore the hell out of you. I just want to blog, is all.

Lately I’m consistently okay (save from some down moments here and there–minor stuff, really) maybe because I’m getting used to things already. I don’t find myself sulking or brooding as much anymore, and hey, that’s progress, right? At least I’m really getting better at waiting on the Lord. Hopefully.

So I’m learning again to enjoy my “me” time; most of the time, I roam around campus alone and, most of the time, I don’t get bothered anymore by the silence and the strangeness of it all. Sometimes I do, but I’ll get there. Soon and very soon.

I don’t know how senior year will outdo my junior year, but we’ll see. I’m not even hoping for a special last year of my college life–student life, in a broader context–anymore. A smoothsailing one is okay, too. Nothing grand or anything. Maybe I just want to graduate and work and be content. Be happy. Let’s see how His will will shake me off this comfort zone again.

For other, very irrelevant news: Rainie is up for a 6th album! I can’t wait! She’s asking for fans’ help to choose her album cover, and while I think both are great concepts, I like the first one better. It has the “longing” look she’s going for. What do you think?

How can someone age so gracefully? She’s getting prettier and prettier!

Lately I’ve been listening to Mellow 94.7 to keep me company when I’m commuting. Their morning show’s topic was about Huli Ka Balbon! moments, and the funny stories made my morning. Hey, who doesn’t have these moments, right? Lemme share one as well:

I remember when I was a junior in high school, when everything is angsty and sentimental, my sophomore section had this reunion of sorts. I asked my dad to let me go, and he agreed, given I go home before 6pm. Yes, it was that time of my life, when 6pm is the curfew, and I’m not the most social person to go out regularly anyway.

So I went to the reunion at my classmate’s house, and you know how time flies fast when you’re having fun? Before I knew it, it was already almost 6pm and I needed to go. Except, I didn’t want to go yet. I was reluctant to leave, so my friends, being the pasaway people they were, urged me to ask my dad for an extension, using the rain as an excuse. Well, it did rain that day, but at that moment it has already long stopped.

So I texted my dad. You see, my classmate’s house is near SLEX (South Luzon Expressway), and my dad knew that. So when I told him it was raining, he replied: “Nasa SLEX ako, hindi naman umuulan (I’m in SLEX, it’s not raining)”


Don’t lie, kiddos 😛


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