PHOTODUMP: First TEHSIS-related night

tehsis, (n): a colloquial term for thesis, made up by a sorority called AKT or Alpha Kapal Teh, composed of Jee, Pia and Elcee.

They’ve been best of friends since who knows when (kidding, I know when: Freshman year) and held regular sessions in different chapters, namely Ortigas and Katipunan chapter. While the Balara chapter has already been open for a year, the sorority has yet to take over. For now, they’ve been doing FRIENDS marathons and Katipunan resto-hunting with their thesis as an excuse.

…I love my life,  really. It may not show, but I really do. 🙂

Actually this photodump isn’t at all related to my best friends. I just had to explain tehsis should you think I’m a graduating Comm major who doesn’t know her spelling once you see the title. I’m defensive like that.

These are random mobile uploads that I want to upload not in Facebook, not in Flickr, but in here. Because, well, they’re random.

And this blog is my attempt to blog more even if I shouldn’t be blogging right now and instead should be going back to my unread sources for our group’s tehsis (forever benta).

Enjoy! (or not)

Hair is long, no circles under the eyes (yet) and a gumiho hair = studying

Pardon the weird face.

Now it has become home to 3 (or 4) basketball courts. Filipinos. And you’d think they’re more into football now, what with Azkals and all. Old habits never die down.

Ronald, before eating McDonald's

Ronald, after eating McDonald's


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