Daddy won’t

I was asked twice why I don’t write so much lately. Surprising, since I think I don’t have that much of a readership, but here’s why: I feel like I’m just floating around, being okay today and not okay again tomorrow. It’s a draining process, and I don’t think this blog deserves to be a witness to a mess that is me.

But life’s like that, I’ve come to realize just now. It doesn’t have to be this issue, but in life, there will be ups and downs. It’s a rollercoaster ride, and what a thrill it is to be up there! But when it’s time to tragically fall down, the heart stops. Let’s just say my heart has temporarily stopped for now.

I promise it will beat again. I promise I’ll be okay. Really, totally, completely okay. For now, I don’t mind being called madrama, emotera, or whatever name you have for me, because you may claim you understand, but really, you don’t. No one does. That’s why people fail me.

But Daddy won’t.


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