Sorry, I’m taken.

Meet Camille, my boyfriend.

Our meeting was uneventful, but it was fate. We were practicing for a musical concert, and we didn’t talk at all; I was in the music team while she was with the dancers of the casts. Also, I never gave her extra attention because she stole my bestfriend then. When my ex-bestfriend and I had this four-girl group called JECK, we had a misunderstanding and she sided with Camille’s group. Together they also made a four-girl group called DECA.

But we were destined to meet,
fated to fall in love with each other.


But we were destined to meet, fated to fall in love with each other. One year after the concert, our church created a youth band named Aparche. We were both singers then, and we just instantly clicked with each other. Love at second sight, if you will.

But you know, things happen. I remember we only had two serious fights over the course of our relationship. Fights, after all, are necessary to strengthen the bond. The two fights we’ve been through were of the same issue. I don’t know if she remembers, but I do. And when I look at it now, I can only laugh (Clue: kabit) at the silliness of it all.

She’s a beauty. She’s gorgeous no matter what she’s wearing. May it be formal wear:

Or street-style ala-2ne1 (her favorite KPop girl group!)

Here’s a list of her accomplishments, just so you know how much I’m proud of her:

  1. She owns an online store selling Korean shirts and merchandise, The Blank Clothing.
  2. She writes for a Korean entertainment website, hellokpop.
  3. She graduated from the University of Sto. Tomas with a degree in Nursing. NURSING.
  4. She’s racking her brains out reviewing for the upcoming Nursing Bar Exam 2011, of which she wants to be a topnotcher.
  5. She’s a Christian, and we both lead a cell group of seven lovely girls.


So where’s all this talk about her really going to? Well, you see, it’s her birthday today, and all I can give her is a space in my personal blog. Consider it as a portion of my heart, reserved for her and only her.


Yes, we may fondly call each other as boyfriend-boyfriend but at the end of the day, you’ll fall in love, I’ll fall in love, and we’ll forget we even loved each other. CHOS. No, what I’m trying to say is: at the end of the day, even though we may not meet for as long as months, and though I may be dying at the moment because of your absence, we’re still best friends. And we forever will be.

At this late of the game, I still find myself losing in touch with some of my best friends, but that won’t be the same with the two of us. Because we’re secured in what we have. And we know our friendship has gone a long way and will continue to go a long way. We will make it through, as an Arashi song goes. I know how much you love Arashi, and in the process, I’ve come to love them too.

We’re still best friends.
And we forever will be.

And that’s your effect on me, see. You can make me laugh and make me cry in an instant. You can make me love something that I have never imagined I would love, like 1N2D, Arashi, or KPop in general. And ultimately, you will always be there for me, at my beck and call. (Achay! Nasan na ang juice ko!)

This is the part where I say the three words not foreign to you anymore: I freaking love you. Oops, that’s four. But who cares. I really do freaking love you. And no distance can ever make me love you less. No transgressions, no tampuhan, just love–unconditional, pure, and forever. I’ll be seeing you in eternity, after all!

Thank you for all the laughter, the pain, the crazy and the smiles! As you enter your two decades living and breathing in this beautiful world, I have this to tell you: Thank you for being part of my life. We were once strangers, but never again will we be such. This friendship is for keeps!

In faith, hope and love,

BF (BoyFriend, BestFriend, at kung ano pa mang ibang meaning nun haha)

BFFs: Boyfriends Forever


4 thoughts on “Sorry, I’m taken.

  1. I HATE YOU MUNTIK NA AKO MAIYAAAAKS! Yey di ako naiyaaaak! I FREAKING LOVE MYSELF TOO! JOKS! I LOVE YOU BF! SWEEEEEET! and and and… nice selection of pictures. Alam mo angle ko! Hahahaha! Thanks bf I love youuuu! Agahan mo mag-enlistment bukas pancit tayo 168!

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