Lightbulb Moment


This evening, when I was about to take a seat in a jeepney–homebound from a Bible Study with the Langgam youth–I knocked on the jeepney’s lightbulb–the only one that illuminates the entire vehicle. You can never imagine how dismayed the driver was (and how guilty I was). Busted bulb = no way to attract passengers on a Wednesday night. Lord, please bless that Manong Driver in my behalf.

The lightbulb is one of those metaphors that I like. Before, I wrote about how important a light is to be able to overcome darkness. Without light, there’s no way you cannot stumble in the dark. With light, you’re sure you’ll get to your destination in no time.

Another lightbulb metaphor: Last December, Ilka saw this vision of a lightbulb illuminating a dark room slowly but surely. Every corner of the room was eventually reached by the light. As SOULDiers, that is exactly what we want to achieve. Through God, we want to be lightbearers at the top of the hill, burning for the whole word  to see.


Today I had a lightbulb moment of sort. I can’t go into details, but what I can say is that because of that realization I can smile sincerely again. No more pain. No more regrets. No more sadness. Now I can say I’m truly, absolutely, a-ok. 🙂

Mapalad pa rin ako :’)

Shoutouts to my buddies Kai and Mayel. I love you girls! Thank you for being available for me forever. ❤ Sleepover when the Boss gets back from The Netherlands 🙂 Journ stories over movie marathons soon? 😛


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