PHOTODUMP: Currently Dating

…my lovely girls in Christ 😛

I have this mini-bucket list of agendas to accomplish this summer. One of that is sleeping over at all of my disciple’s houses (Together with my BFFs Camille and Ate Lysha, we have a cellgroup in which we lead other seven girls in their walk and growth with the Lord. Cellgroup because like cells, these groups should eventually multiply and bear fruit. Our cellgroup is called God’s Girls)

So far, so good. I have already slept at Ilka and Betsy’s place, as well as Hannah’s. More sleepovers to look forward to!

One more part of the list is to hang out with them individually, and I kickstarted that with yesterday’s date with Ilka!

God knows how much I love this girl. Whenever I need someone to talk to, she always makes herself available. She listens, and really cares. I’m really glad her family moved to our church. If not, I would not have met such an amazing girl.

Last January, she asked me to be her mentor and I said yes! Our walk together with the Lord has been more exciting ever since! Just a few pictures  from our Frisbee-Teriyaki Boy-Ateneo date yesterday because I’m not really photograph-conscious when I’m out with friends. I think spending time with them is far more important than taking photos of everything we do.

What I ate at TBoy. That's one large ramen for me!

Funny story: I remember giving the codename TBoy to one of my college happy crushes. I don’t even remember why anymore. :))

Ilka, posing with her regular-sized ramen. MEHHHH!

We shared a fresh serving of California Maki. YUM!

What I wore. Jacket's from ukay!!! 😛


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