Rainie is one lucky girl

This post is nothing but a rant.

When will Kingone Wang finally be THE GUY and not THE OTHER GUY to Rainie Yang?

Devil Beside You's Qi Yue and Sang Yuan Yi

How many more Rainie Yang dramas do I have to watch before I finally see them as the main couple?

Why Why Love's Tong Jia Di and Huo Yan

And though Rainie treats Kingone as a Da Ge, could there really be something more to this relationship? 

Love You's Lin Xiao Ru and Ren Yi Xiang

But, I must say this to you Kingone Wang: You’re so freaking handsome. If you’re Rainie’s inspiration, you have my stamp of approval.

In my opinion Kingone looked refreshingly better than Mike He because, well, Mike has been  handsome ever since (as in the Devil Beside You days) while Kingone transformed.

What? Are you asking me what I think of Love You as of the last (and latest) episode I’ve seen. Oh, I don’t know. Not enough cliffhanger for me. And with this I mean I’m not anticipating the next episode because I don’t feel like I’ll miss anything even if I don’t watch it.

I guess this is the effect of a spin-off. It wants to live up to the first drama (Fated to Love You) but I don’t think it can because, as obvious as it seems, it’s recycling drama niches from FTLY.

And I don’t like green. I really, really don’t like green. FTLY was enjoyable because it was in no way crass or green.  I don’t know why Love You is dragging this theme forever. Is being remembered as a green drama the very goal of the directors? Because as far as three episodes is concerned, I’m sure I won’t remember liking this one. At least not yet. I will remember it, well, because it has Rainie in it, but as far as liking is concerned? Nah.

I guess the only consolation I have is seeing Rainie and Kingone together again, and seeing how they have both improved in their  acting. I don’t like that Joseph guy, I’m sorry. I just feel like he’s literally imitating Ethan Ruan of FTLY.

Bad comments are bad–exactly the reasons why I don’t want to recap this little thing. Oh well, there’s still Sunshine Angel to be excited about. And I do hope–I really really hope–Love You gets better. I want to enjoy it, I really do, but I’m having a hard time doing so. Most people like it already. Not me. At least not yet.

Here are some stills of Love You, which broadcasts every Sunday night on SETTV/TTV. Credits to their owners.


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