New experiences, good vibes

Today marks the day I first covered a court hearing. Can I just say…adrenaline? Especially since the hearing had something to do with journalism, ethics, and being accountable to sources. Before, I just hear about these issues from my professor, in class, but today I got to witness a journalist stand by her convictions.

A journalist will not reveal who her sources are and that is her right.

I really learned a lot today, I really did. It may not seem like it by the lack of a lengthier post, but do not be fooled. I will remember today as that day when I first heard lawyers debate in an actual court (frustrated lawyer-wannabe, HERE!), the day when I had lunch with veterans of the journalism industry, and the day that I passed my spot-on news article on time.

And today I got my intern ID too! Lookie:

No, I'm not Gernonimo. But whatever 😛

As if I haven’t said it enough yet: I am so glad to be an aspiring journalist. Soon and very soon, Jee. Soon and very soon.

But for now, don’t be pressured if it takes you almost 3 hours to write an article. Don’t be anxious if you still haven’t found that voice yet. Don’t fret if you think your questions aren’t good enough yet. Because time is not your enemy. And you have God, see–the most important thing you could hold on to in moments of uncertainty.

There is a time for everything, a season for every activity under heaven. And you have time to grow, and to become the best journalist that you could ever be.

For now, enjoy the stories entrusted unto you. Do not be afraid to commit mistakes, because this is the only way you will grow. There’s no easy path to excellence, but once you get there, you wouldn’t even remember the roadblocks you had to deal with.

It won’t take too long and you’ll realize: Ah, I have already arrived.


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