This is how He did it!

If you’ve been following me (as a blogger, not the stalker-ish kind of following) long enough, way way before I even jumpshipped to WordPress, you should know a few facts:

  1. I’m a Born-Again Christian
  2. I attend a Christ-centered, Bible-based Christian church named Community of the Resurrected Christ International Inc., or more popularly (heh) known as CRC.
  3. For years now, we’ve been going out every Holy Week either for camps (Days of Refreshing) or for outreaches (usually in Zambales).

This year, though, instead of just heading North to reach out to the Aetas, or just going South to spend some time with the church community at NACS (in Los Banos), the entire congregation was divided into two groups. One group went to Montalban and the other to Laguna, both with a sole purpose: to share the Good News.

And what is more appropriate to do during the celebration of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ (Holy Week) than to preach the death, burial and resurrection of Christ (Gospel)? Of course we can go to church and thank God, but there’s another way. A better way. It’s not enough that you know that Jesus died for you. Sharing that knowledge to other people is so much better. You wouldn’t want to keep a good news all to yourself, right? If you can, you shout it out, at the top of your lungs, for everyone to hear! Besides, when Jesus resurrected, those who witnessed it went out to spread the word. Shouldn’t we Christians of this time and age do the same? The heavens rejoice even for just one soul (Luke 15:7). Can you imagine the party up there if every Christian will share everyday, everywhere, to everyone? Holy Ghost Party!

So going back to my story, I spent my Maundy Thursday and Good Friday in Langgam, Laguna, sharing my faith to the people there. It was an amazing experience. I got to share to young people, old people, middle-aged people, and to kids even! Truly God will move in your life, in His own timing, whatever your age may be.

What I’m most blessed about is with how God has used each and every SOULDier (my youth group) to minister to the youth of the two places. In faith I believe this is the start of something new and radical;  this will turn out to be one of those life-changing events that we will look back to. I’m excited! Lord, I know we’re more than ready, so go and give us Your best shot! We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!

Today is the first Sunday after a few years that I got to celebrate Easter Sunday in church, worshipping God. Usually we’re still out in the mission field (or in the campsite). What did we do during the Resurrection Sunday? We celebrated, of course!

Repeat after me: Christ has risen! Christ will come again! 🙂

Today will be most memorable to me because of the preaching of the Word by Pastor Resty (Tito ko ‘yan!). No, it wasn’t about the resurrection of Christ. Far from that! It was about the original plan of God for us Christians even before He created earth, read in Ephesians 1:4. He predestined us to be His adopted sons and daughters through Christ.

Let me repeat that again: He predestined us to be His adopted sons and daughters through Christ.

That statement alone requires an hour and a half long preaching to be understood clearly and in context, but I think I can summarize it in a statement or two (or three):

  1. We were not created to commit sin–we were created to be adopted sons and daughters of the living God, to be co-heirs with Christ, to have dominion over earth, and to walk with God into maturity.
  2. But after sin became our human nature, Jesus redeemed us by dying on the cross for our sins. We are saved by grace through faith.
  3. We were not saved so that we can pamper ourselves in grace and wait for our death in order to go to heaven. No. We were redeemed so we can go back fulfilling God’s original purpose for creating us–to walk with Him into maturity. And to mature is to be Christ-like. Blameless. Without sin.

I’ve learned so much today that I just can’t stop smiling. Here are the things that He wants me to do from this day onward:

  • build not just any ordinary relationship with Him, but an intimate one
  • share the Gospel every time an opportunity comes along
  • be Christ-minded, not sin-conscious
  • seek the Kingdom first, and His righteousness
  • enjoy prayer and quiet time
  • be ready to hear His voice clearer than I’ve ever imagined I would

It seems like I’ve already said so much yet there’s still so many words (and heartwarming stories) left unsaid. I’ll leave it to Hannah‘s photos to do the talking, since I don’t think I can exhaust the great things that God has done in our midst for the past few days.

I’ll summarize this entry with one line from a song:

Ang buhay ng Kristiyano ay masayang tunay! 

You can never imagine how wonderful it is to be a real Christian unless you’re living this kind of life. It’s tiring, yes, but everything is worth it if it is by God, through God, and for God. 🙂

I've always wondered why foot photography seems to be "in"

Mahirap ang vain photography pag DSLR ang camera mo

With my lovely girls, Selle and Tin. Hannah's behind the camera

Guess who the shadows are

Usually close ups make me cringe. Obviously not this one

Bonding with the youth through the Bulungan game!

Johnmer, Mericar, and Mericar's twin (posting this because I discovered her!)


YES! Jesus loves me! 😀

SOULDiers with the youth from Langgam!



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