Crazy first three days

I’ve been robbed off of my summer earlier than I expected, but now that I sit back and reflect on my first three days as a Newsbreak intern, I realize one thing: It is so worth it.

Day 1

I entered the Newsbreak office without any idea of what will happen to me for the next weeks (actually, I’m still somewhat clueless) but I was excited. The first day was supposedly an orientation, but that part was very short. After the instructions of the do’s and don’ts, we immediately got down to business. A little intro on what we will work on, a distribution of workload, then off we go to do our own assignments.

For a journalism student like me (and I say this with all humility), the inital workload is okay. We are tasked to do research (an extensive one at that) on a particular issue, but it’s all paper trail (at least mine’s) so it’s relatively chill compared to my past experiences of real legwork c/o IJ.

But I assumed too early, didn’t I?

Because that very night, one of the journalists called me and assigned me to cover a press conference set to happen the very next day. After getting all the details of the said assignment through a phone call, and after putting the phone down, I panicked because one, I didn’t have my camera (which also serves as my voice recorder) with me (I left it in Laguna) and two, I’m representing Newsbreak, so I’ll be going there alone. Without a reporter to tag-along with. On my own.

On my own.

The camera issue was easy. I asked Ram if he could come with me and take the photographs for me (SUPER THANK YOU), and I figured I can record with my phone. But getting all worked up in nervousness is another thing.

But I realized that this really is it. This is when the real work begins. And I am more than ready.

Day 2

I arrived at McDo North an hour before the press conference, so I first ate breakfast and waited for Ram to arrive. Once we’re ready to go,  we just walked to the venue since it’s only nearby (there’s a back story here, but I’ll save you from sabaw kwentos haha)

The press con started half an hour later than scheduled, but it went smoothly. To my embarassment, I was wearing the most casual attire in the room, what with my Ateneo shirt and khaki pants (next time, Jee, you know what to do). Lunch was served after the event (#angsarapmagingjournalist), so we ate there and headed to SM North after to write the article.

I was panicking because I only have an hour left to write, and I wasn’t prepared at all (i.e. untranscribed soundbytes, super magulong notes–but lucky I still took down notes. I usually don’t). Sadly, I passed it an hour and a half late (taking note of this so I won’t be late anymore–OH how I hate the feeling of passing my articles late).

The rest of the night was spent constantly checking my mail and the Newsbreak site for any updates on my article. I was a bit paranoid of my work, it being a rushed one. So I called it a night, with that one matter still in mind.

Day 3

Today I woke up and the first thing I did was check my mail and the site again (sorry Lord) only to be disappointed. At this point I was already worrying so much. I thought it might have been too mediocre to even deserve a spot on the site. But I was still hopeful; until I see a response/comment from my editors I will never give up haha.

So after lunch I resumed with my research work (since I woke up a little late) and concentrated on that.

Just when I thought another day will end without any news about my article, my editor replied to my e-mail! What a shocker that was! But I still didn’t expect that I’ll get published–in fact, I was actually expecting to get constructive comments from her, even thinking of the possibility that my article might get scratched altogether.

But alas, in between the tweet conversations with friends, one update appeared in front of my screen:  “Newsbreak: Is 2016 target to end child labor doable?

Imagine my happiness! #stilljoyfullyscreaminginside

Ah, the journ life. I cannot imagine myself anywhere else :’)

P.S. To all the friends and family who congratulated me and retweeted my article, thank you all so much! Just knowing you’d read every article that I will write makes me all giddy inside. I can feel the love and support from each and everyone of you! I could never ask for more 🙂

P.P.S. What made me smile even wider was the fact that my favorite journ professor, Ma’am Chay, tweeted my article! :> :> :> <- my face, exactly


10 thoughts on “Crazy first three days

  1. Hey love, haven’t extended my proper congratulations yet so…CONGRATULATIONS! So happy to hear you’re enjoying every bit of your OJT. Well, that is what it’s for right? 🙂

    High fives and hugs,

    • Besh, thank you! Yes, exciting and a bit scary at times, but God is good and He’s already starting the plans He has revealed to me 5 years ago? Eto na yun e! God is already putting me in a position where I can influence all for His glory. And not to me but to Him be all that I receive from this.

      Aaaah! I’m just very happy ❤

  2. oi bechay! ngayon ko lang naupdate sarili ko sa blog mo. sorry late na.. but i really wanna say CONGRATULATIONS top you, from the bottom of my heart! :DD

    so happy and proud reading your article! grabe ka. HAHAHA >:D<

  3. ha! pinagmalaki pa kita sa mga blockmates ko na kasama ko sa OJT! haha nasa office kasi ako nung binabasa ko mga blogs mo eh. keep them coming bechay! All for the glory of GOD! 🙂

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