PHOTODUMP: God’s Girls

Another photodump, this one’s brought to you by Hannah Rivera! These photos pretty much sums up my weekend: sleepover [with Ilka, Kate, Selle] + cellgroup in UP (picnic style!) + another sleepover [with GG minus the BF and the Castillos]. What a way to start summer, yeah?

I love you girls so much! I shall make the most of our times like these together because soon you’ll have girls of your own and you’d be busy sleeping over with them *sniffs* but that’s all good and I’m excited to see you lead your own girls in the near future (EHEMSOONEHEM)

Don’t forget me, though! :’)

UP, dati kong mahal! (What do you call this kind of photo again?)

Laid-back days like these ❤

Such a hipster shot this is :))


To fitness!


KIA: Kate in Action



Sunken Garden: Perfect for a sporty day



Pagods, dugyots

My hub, holla! (cool ko)


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