Yesterday is Wednesday

Hahaha the reference never gets old (joke lang baka isipin niyo Rebecca Black fan ako. NEVAAAAHR)

No words can express how much I love yesterday. For one, I got to witness my boyfriend‘s graduation day. Wait. I have to stop you there, before you even think to yourself: “Say what? She has a boyfriend?”  Because I don’t, but I have someone I call my boyfriend and she IS NOT a boy. DUH. SHE. Anyway, our special term of endearment’s BF (boyfriend) because we had this inside joke (which won’t be inside anymore since I’m explaining it to you) that we’ll remain single–old and single–and by then all we will have is each other.

To this day we do not know who the boy is in this complicated relationship :))

Sa pic na 'to siya ang lalaki hehe

So it was her graduation yesterday, and I had the honor and privilege to witness her go up the stage and receive her diploma and quadri gold medal.  I still remember days before, when I inquired if I can go to her grad and she said the ticket costs a lot so I can’t. But then later on she said she had it wrong and the ticket for extra guests is cheap and I’m invited yey!

I was the official videographer (is that even a word?) and I took videos of her like a paparazzi would. Super zoom!

After the grad was the after party! It was an intimate celebration, with only her family and best friends present (gumaganun e!). We ate (love the lechong kawali and pancit! oh, and the cake too!), sang, and adored the infamous Saiah whom Camille (oh, yes, she’s the BF hehe) always talks about. What a cute kid he is! We also talked about KPop stuff. Fangirls, unite!

It was a fun day and I would’ve regretted it had I not come. At the end of the day I was tired but I was very happy for my best friend (yes, she’s my best friend too! daming roles ano?) I have seen how faithful God was in her entire college life, and I know He will give her wisdom as she take that board exam!

While the whole graduation ceremony was going on, I caught myself almost tearing up, maybe because I’ve witnessed how Camille got to that point and how God guided her every step of the way.

I think I was also emotional (I didn’t cry!) because I realized that one year from now I’ll be the same, gracing that stage (hopefully with my parents whoooo) and recounting how God has been faithful in my life. I will share my success with my parents, my family and friends, but ultimately the glory goes back to the God whose unfailing love is eternal.

Camille’s favorite verse is Jeremiah 33:3“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable tthings you do not know” You know what? He really answers beyond our wildest imagination. It’s crazy! He’s so good all the time!

To BF:

It’s funny I beat you to writing a grad-related post; it’s not even my grad we’re talking about! But I’m thankful that I was there, that I even have that privilege. Being your best friend is one of the best things that has happend to me, and I’m forever grateful! Cheers, to you and your unemployed life! (joke!) Here’s to excelling in your board exam and landing that job you want.

Also, that trip to NY. Don’t forget!

From the girl who loves and will love you more than any boy would,

Me ❤


2 thoughts on “Yesterday is Wednesday

  1. Wahaha! AWWW Thanks bf! Meron rin ako grad post no! ITO! Hahahaha! Irerefer ko na lang friends ko sa entry na ito! Haha! Thanks for your special presence bf! Nad thanks for all your prayers! Mwaaah! I LOVE YOUUU! Ikaw na next year! Wuhuuu!

    • BASTOS! Gawa kang blog mong sarili ‘to talaga! Ganda pa naman ng pics mo–DSLR! High quality! Flaunt it! Yiz! Sana mura lang din extra guests so I could invite you and ate! 🙂 LOVE YOU BF SARAP BA MAY SARILING LAPTOP? :))

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