Satire is based on facts.

I always love reading articles from Newsbreak–and I’m not just saying this!–especially the blogs of them journalists. Their narrative style and voices color the headlines that most people find boring. This is how I want to write. This is the kind of journalist who I want to be: clear and well-informed with the facts, with the ability to sew them all together to be able to write the best news piece, one that is readable and relatable.

My favorite ones are the Wikileaks of the mind letters which Maritess Danguilan-Vitug wrote about Merci and the SC justices. Her narrative style and the way she wrote the letters remind me of C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters.

Aaaah! All of this is getting more and more exciting. Lord! Thank You for putting these desires and dreams in my heart. I’m really excited to glorify You with all that I have learned, and with the gifts that You have given me.



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