Another one of those lists

  • I posted my Rainie Yang review (which I wrote as a final requirement for my Writing About Culture class) at CPopAccess and I’m glad many readers liked it! So glad to be getting inputs from others who also likes Rainie. Majority of them loved ToGetHer, too. That’s something new.
  • I slept over at Ilka and Betsy’s place last night. It’s the sleepover that spearheads all the other sleepovers I will be in this summer! I already made a list.
  • Like that one I’ll be in with Camille.
  • Or that other one with everybody else.
  • Oh, and that one with the BFFs.
  • Yes, so many sleepovers, I know.
  • But what I’m most excited about is that cellgroup we’ll be having on Saturday at Sunken Garden, picnic-style.
  • And that interview for an internship tomorrow. But I’m more nervous than excited with this one.
  • All I know is that starting tomorrow, I’ll be spending more time getting fit/thin and learning how to drive.
  • And getting started with my unread pile of books (c/o Ateneo book sales!)
  • And writing recaps of Drunken to Love You and Sunshine Angel.
  • I think I should also finish those overdue Gloomy Salad Days recaps.
  • Also, rewatching my Rainie Yang dramas.
  • MARS and Wonderful Life, too.
  • But I’ll be watching new ones, don’t worry. I already have Secret GardenMy Princess and 49 Days in my list.
  • Ah, summer, how I love thee and thy great possibilities. ❤

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