Nothing beats Friday

Her song may be annoying catchy, but Rebecca Black was right. Everybody’s just looking forward to the weekend and Friday commences my favorite days of the week. 😛

This semester, my typical Friday goes like this: I sleep ’til noon then wake up, fix brunch and get ready for school. I head to Ateneo for just one class, finish with that class and head straight to church for Friday prayer.

Friday is the first day of the week that I get to see my parents, so Friday’s always fun and exciting for me. Last night we went to Coffee Bean to just sit down, sip some coffee, relax, and catch up with everyone’s lives. We’re only two children in the family, my brother and I, and because we’re both grown ups now, whenever we’re with my parents it feels like we’re a barkada or something. I tell you, my family is the coolest–in which ‘coolest’ is still an understatement.

Last night was amazing and it felt good. I’m not stressed with school, but I do miss my ‘rents so much. You know those days when you just want your mom to fix something for you then you realize: Whoops. Wala nga pala ako sa Laguna.

I miss my family. I’m just so glad summer’s already here. Thank God for Fridays 🙂


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