Grocery day Monday!

Writing this immediately after doing the grocery. I don’t know what’s with today, but I just felt good vibes the entire day–even ’til right at this moment! I wish I have a GV song to share, but I’m no music junkie so I’ll just tell you why grocery today was so fun!

Wish I am this pretty when I shop

First, it was a change of scenery. I always do the grocery in Rustan’s Katipunan, but today I opted for the cheaper choice, so I Β went to SaveMore Katipunan instead. I loved roaming around the store because every shelf was so accessible. Too bad I still haven’t bought new earphones; grocery time could’ve been so much better with music! (Well, if you count the store’s background music, then it’s still fun because I danced sang along to High School Musical’s Breaking Free!)

I limited the food budget to 900 bucks so I can use the other hundred for cab fare. I hailed one, and once I got in, the driver immediately said (non-verbatim) “Ma’am, taas -presyo po ha, mahirap na kasi buhay ngayon. [Ma’am, I’ll raise the fare because life is hard nowadays]” Because I was in a good mood I said it’s all good–an extra 30 pesos won’t hurt. Anyway, I am blessed to bless!

The driver and I had a good talk about what happened to Japan and how blessed the Philippines is to be safe amidst all that is happening around the globe. When I finally reached home, I looked at the meter and it’s just 55 pesos! Wow! Usually I pay 70 or more when I shop at Rustan’s. I’m so glad God has used me to bless Manong Driver by paying him extra. As I left the cab I said “God Bless, Manong!” as my farewell words–he said God Bless to me too. I just smiled when I heard him say those words πŸ™‚

Grocery is as normal as all the other household chores we do but when we do it with a joyful, obedient heart, then it becomes an activity that we can blog about, especially if it was the cherry on top, the activity that wrapped up a very happy day. πŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “Grocery day Monday!

  1. i like blogs like these. its freshly written and it gives me a glimpse of your life. πŸ™‚ I’ll be subscribing for more. Hope you don’t mind.

    PS Vanity is my favorite sin too πŸ™‚

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