On tears, and why I (always) cry

Just recently, I reread “Tuesdays with Morrie”. A friend (or was it my brother?) told me it was a book full of quotable quotes–and I agree. I don’t remember that much quotes–ironic, yes–except for this one scene when Morrie spoke of his way of coping with emotions.

For instance, whenever Morrie experiences fear, he doesn’t deny it nor run away from it; instead, he tells himself (non-verbatim, ok): Ok, I am very afraid right now, I will let myself stay afraid, but not for long. After I become fully afraid, I will not be afraid anymore.

Tears are quite the same, don’t you think?

Tears shouldn’t always be associated with sadness. Tears fall for several reasons, for varied emotions: happiness, sadness, fear, regret, surprise, to mention some.  Too many reasons, but they fall–a single tear can mean so much. Some people can try holding them in, but when all defenses have already fallen, tears show. And when they fall, it is as if they have fully embraced every emotion.

Did you know that God is mindful of every teardrop, no matter what the reasons behind them are? In the Bible, it is said:

You keep track of all my sorrows.
You have collected all my tears in your bottle.
You have recorded each one in your book.
(Psalms 56:8)

Girls cry more easily than boys. I cry because there’s no other outlet for me (…Other than blogging1, which is not always a choice, really). I cry because I feel relieved afterwards. I cry so that when I go to heaven, I can see my own bottle of tears in God’s hand. And then I will remember His faithfulness: He has brought me through every hurt and pain and sorrow.

I have seen my father and brother cry in very few (but precious) moments. There’s something–I dont know how to put it–refreshing whenever I see a guy cry. They are not as emotional as girls, but when they cry, I’m sure God is happy. Because all the anger and hurt inside turns into teardrops. Contrary to popular belief that crying is a sign of weakness, it is actually a courageous act. When someone cries, she acknowledges that the emotions need not stay within; otherwise it can damage from the inside out.

And did you also know that Jesus wept2? Ah, how comforting. Whenever I imagine my Savior crying, I feel like I have the freedom to cry all I want. The Man of great power, strength, majesty and glory cried! He cried! And it was because of a friend, a human being, a mortal sinner unlike Him. He cried because of love, sadness, grief.

Now think about it: Jesus understands every hurtful experiences and every emotions that we have because He has experienced them too. He cried and laughed. Tears also filled His eyes now and then, and He can relate to us, what with the million or so tears that we have shed.

All I’m trying to say to people out there (and you know who you are, of course I’m talking to you!)  is that it’s not weak or bad to cry. Sige ka, walang laman yung bottle of tears mo in heaven kapag ‘di ka umiyak! I cry–a lot, when I’m alone–because I know I can count on a Friend that will comfort me whenever, wherever.

Ok, for a February 14 post, this is kind of…gloomy. Happy Valentine’s, anyway! Here’s a heart from me to all of you! 🙂


1 Fun fact: Did you know that ‘blog’ is actually the shorter form of weblog? It was the first name of blogs, but it was later on shortened to blog. As if weblog is not short enough. More of that here.

2 John 11:35, a.k.a The Shortest Bible Verse Ever (basta ba in NIV)


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