A tear, a sigh of relief

Feels like I’m all over the place but I’m not getting anywhere anyway. I’ve been doing so much for so long but everything is in vain, everything is meaningless. Lord, won’t you lead me back to You then? I need no one else but You. I will go back to You, my Starting Point, my Everything.

I want to declare Your unfailing love in the morning. I want to thank You for Your faithfulness in the evening.  These simple things–I shouldn’t have any excuse not to do them. I’m just really confused right now, Father, but won’t You take control? Here, take my life, take all of me. I will lay it all down, if that’s what it takes to get back on track. I have a purpose. My purpose is to glorify You. Any purpose other than that is nothing but vanity.

People will give up on me, of course, but You won’t. I know You won’t. Because Your love says so. What I’m holding onto right now is that love that will never let go. God, what will I do without You? Oh, the things that could’ve already happened if I did not have You in my life. Thank You Lord.

I will trust You because You will surely save those who trusts in You.


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