Boot Camp: 10x Better!

Here’s an overdue blog of my youth group’s (SOULΔiers) boot camp last December 26-29 2010. The camp was held in The Blue Garden in Tagaytay. The place is lovely, I tell you! Here’s some photos just so you know I’m not kidding when I say it’s lovely:

The place is dreamy, ain’t it? 🙂 (Photo courtesy of ICFT’s Multiply)

There were 11 participants, 3 staffers, and 3 speakers for the said camp. I was part of the staff, so I cooked meals and brainstormed workshops and games for the campers.


Conducting workshops

The staff! Shan, Ate Lysha and Me

All of the sessions during the four-day camp were taken from the life of Daniel, as seen in the first six chapters of the book of Daniel. The sessions were already completed after the second day, because the morning of December 28 was dedicated for individual and group fasting. The campers did their strategic planning from the afternoon of the third day up to the morning of the last day, wherein they came up with their youth name, their mission and vision, and their strategic plans for 2011.


Strategic planning

More strategic planning

Love, Courtship and Marriage (LCM) sessions were conducted for two nights, with Pstra. Emma as the speaker. For the second night of LCM, two couples were invited to share their love stories and how God would want every young man and woman to wait for His right timing for their lives.

The guest speakers | The couple in the right is my dad and mom 😛

The Daniel of the camp, Johnmer, listening intently during LCM

Before we left the place, the last activity was Trust Fall, wherein someone steps into a higher platform for free fall while everybody else stays at his back to catch him when he falls. The activity is to build teamwork and trust among the campers. The rest of the group will first ask the person standing: *insert name here*, do you trust us? And the person answers whether he trusts them and falls.


No sign of fear whatsoever--that's trust ;P

The boot camp was truly a success, praise God! I am excited for what God will be doing through these campers for this year and the years to come. A new breed of SOULdiers is advancing, and this army of God will bring the light to the world.

We truly can’t stand staying seated. It’s time to move and be ten times better for the glory of God!

Forgive the face | Yes, Sir!

I love you guys!

[All other photos courtesy of Mark Yanga]


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