Ten thank Yous for 2010

Omo, what a year!

Everyone’s looking back at the great year that was 2010. And everybody’s putting up their resolutions for 2011. Because all I want for 2011 is a slimmer self (oh, and a year of less “sorry’s”–but that’s a different story), here’s a top 10 of the things I’m grateful for as 2010 comes to an end. Year, take your final bow.

10. Good health, financial provisions

I did sprain my ankle a couple of times, and got the fever more times than I can remember this year, but other than those, I thank God that I did not have to endure the eerie atmosphere of the hospital this year. God is my healer, and whenever people bless me with good health every birthday, I take it to heart.

My stay in the Ateneo is more costly than one can imagine. I may be one of the  scholars of my mom’s boss, but that’s not enough to cover all the expenses. Yet I thank God because He has given more than my brother and I will need for our college tuition fees. He is continually blessing me exceedingly, abundantly, far above all I can ask or think.  He is good, all the time!

9. I will write of Your love forever- Journalism classes (News Writing, Investigative Journalism, Feature Writing, Writing About Culture)

It’s not a secret: I want to be a journalist. I thank God for the journalism classes in Ateneo that are continually shaping me to be the Christian journalist and writer that I dream to be.

This year, my journalism classes pushed me to get out of my comfort zone. I’ve been to places, met new people, and enjoyed every writing moment of this year. I’ve been to Payatas, visited a home for the mentally retarded, had my own signature stamp done in a trip to Manila, and went to different government organizations for different interviews.

I interviewed a presidential candidate, went to a police station for the first time in my life (rode the LRT Line 1 for the first time too!) and wrote a John Lloyd-related article for a final requirement.

I’m grateful that I get to learn more about writing. I’m no grammar police, and definitely not anywhere near a perfect writer, but I’m thankful that I can learn everything that I need to learn here in Ateneo.

What I’m most thankful of is that I’m a Chay baby alright. Maybe you can consider me a Ruey baby as well? 😛

8.  Now to put it to test- Writing stints (CPopAccess, The GUIDON)

When I was in junior year of high school, I found out that I’m going to be the new editor-in-chief then just days after my birthday. This year, I thank God because it was a deja vu  of sorts: I found out that I’ll be writing for the Inquiry section of The GUIDON on the eve of my birthday. God and His ways! Definitely the best gift for my 19th! 🙂

My first article for the publication is already out with the December issue! It’s not up online yet, so if you’re interested to read the article, go grab your December The GUIDON copy and read my article: Armchair Revolutionaries!

I’m a Taiwanese drama addict, and what better way to feed this addiction than to recap about them dramas? I’ve written a couple of recaps already, and although I’m not as active anymore, I’m excited to write more reviews for 2011. So glad to be part of a great community that is CPopAccess!

Besides, 2011 is the year Rainie’s Sunshine Angel will be broadcasting. Now that’s something exciting to look forward to! And I promise to catch up with the Gloomy Salad Days recaps!

7. Do one thing that scares you– Chinese 1, Philippine Cinema, Netherlands exchange program application, Blue Christmas

It takes guts to break the norm, to challenge yourself to do something you don’t normally do. I think 2011 will be filled with more norm-breaking decisions, but I’d like to give credit to 2010 for starting the ball rolling for me.

This year I took a basic Chinese class. Learning Mandarin is definitely not easy, and writing isn’t any better, but I was blessed to have a fun instructor. She made learning Chinese exciting and fun, given it’s not an easy road to take. If I only knew my good friend (and fellow Rainie Yang fangirl) Mayel is minoring in Chinese, I would have joined her and pushed myself to this road less traveled. Oh well, no regrets–my timeless life principle.

I also took a shot and applied for an exchange program abroad, to Netherlands to be exact, only to be rejected. True, I was disappointed, and I doubted my skills and capabilities, but my God is good, and He will do far greater things in my life. Through this experience I have learned never to let any disappointment get to my head. I will lift my head higher, dream bigger, and expect greater for a super mega awesome God is with me–who/what can be against me?

Christmas time is giving back time, and I’m glad to have joined this year’s Blue Christmas with Ram, Pia, Carlo and Elcee. We spent half a day playing games and recounting Bible stories with less-fortunate children. It was a very fun day, and it was a great privilege to be able to make those kids smile. For 2011, I will be a blessing to more people 🙂

Finally, as I am in the journalism track of my course, I wanted to take up all journalism classes if possible. Sadly, though, one of the classes I enlisted to got dissolved, and so I was forced to take a  non-journalism class, Philippine Cinema. So far I’m loving it, what with watching the finest Filipino films every meeting. I can’t wait to watch more local movies in my Phil. Cinema class!

6. Pop Culture-innocent no more- More books, movies, series

If back in 2009, I didn’t know that To Kill a Mockingbird is a classic, then 2010 is my redeeming year. I was a regular customer to different book sales, and I now know that The Notebook is not in any way better than The Wedding; C.S. Lewis is definitely a must read, and The Little Prince is touching and thought-provoking at the same time.

I also got to watch more movies this year, and special thanks goes to my blockmates Ram and Pia for giving me the movies I’ve marathoned over the summer. Personal favorites are Windstruck and the Vengeance trilogy.

I was also introduced to new series this year. Given, they’re still the Asian series I like, but this year I religiously followed GLEE. I wanted to go back to local tv shows but did not have the time (or initiative may be the appropriate term?) to follow one. Thankfully, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho came to my life. Gu Mi Ho will stay in my heart forever. And then there’s Hi My Sweetheart, and I will not forget Chen Bao…uh, Rainie Yang, the Golden Bell winner.

Oh, and this year I got to see Kim Hyun Joong in person! Talk about fangirl to the next level eh? 😛

[Props to Dramabeans and CPopAccess for being my top online sources for Korean and Taiwanese entertainment news!]

5. Unto You be all the glory!- Pentecost, SOULΔiers, CRC

Last January 2010, the Lord has given this word to our church: It is time. And truly He has moved mightily in the midst of my church for the past year! 2010 was the year of obedience, surrender, true worship and grace.

Our worship team, Pentecost, really learned the value of true worship. Worship is a lifestyle, an acknowledgment of God’s greatness and the abandoning of the self. This year, the community made it a point to always outdo every worship experience with a brand new, higher level worship. And we are not stopping! We will be more undignified, and 2011 will be a better year of worship for CRC!

I am especially grateful to the Lord this 2010 for my youth group–now named SOULΔiers. They are the crazy bunch, the modern Daniels of my generation. If 2010 was the year of gearing up, then 2011 is the year of the real battle. I am excited for what God will be doing in and through us. To more sleepovers, evangelism, and soul harvests– God is great, and He reigns!

4. You say goodbye, I say hello!- New friends, old friends, BFFs

I said my goodbyes to some people (not literally, of course), and bridges have been burned. But if I learned anything about friendship this year, it’s this: the smaller the circle, the better. If the friendship is true, then the friendship is forever. 🙂

But special mentions are in order. I thank God for letting me meet new people–for Mayel and Kai who went to great lengths with me just to find that perfect investigative angle (and those perfect girl talks); for Betsy, Ilka, Dianne, Dwight and Diego for being great additions to the CRC family (and to SOULΔiers as well!).

I also thank Him for the same old wonderful people in my life. To Commute Force One aka my College barkada aka We-really-shouldn’t-put-a-name-to-this aka Ram, Pia, Topher, Jom, Carlo and Elcee: thank you for the great adventures, the sleepovers, the lunches in and out of school, and just being the great friends that you all are. Thank you for the laughter all throughout 2010–I’m sure 2011 will be a happier new year. Summer/Sembreak get-away please? 😛

Thank you Lord, for great best friends; for Camille and Ate Lysha, my best friends forever, the sisters-I-never-had, my co-fangirls–you girls are the best girls in the whole wide world! You’re the perfect sleepover-mates, and I love you girls forever; for Ate Rizza, the best friend I can count on even if we’re miles apart; for Kimiko, the woman that taught me so much this year; for Deb, my model best friend, truly the woman after God’s own heart; for Paul, who has never failed to remind me how important I am; for Topher, who listened to my rants, no matter how mababaw they are; and for Elcee and Pia, the girls who first made my college life bearable and memorable.

3. Hoi hoi!- Ram/Angry Egg

Yehess may sariling number! For the food trips, movie marathons, and everything in between: Thank You Lord for this great blessing. I learned a lot this year, grew a lot closer to You this year, and understood so much about life this year, and it was all because of him. Thank You Lord. 🙂

2. A family that serves together, stays together

This year, I thank God because He kept my family together through tough and fun times. He is the centripetal force that is keeping my family closer and closer. I know He will use this family more this 2011, especially in reaching out more people for the Kingdom of God. 🙂

1. To the Author and Finisher of my faith:

Finally, my utmost for Your glory, Lord. 2010 will never be as great a year as it was if it weren’t for Your grace and love–the same grace and love that overcame sin and death at the cross. Thank You for being my Saviour, Redeemer, and Friend.

2011 will be all about You still, Father.  Because if I make You my everything, if I seek Your Kingdom and Your righteousness first, then everything else will fall into place, and everything will be added unto me.

Hey Daddy, let’s make awesome things together this 2011. 😉


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