Chasing Life

Most of my batchmates have already decided where they want to work for come summer of 2011. See, as a Communication undergrad, we are required to do internship during summer before our senior year. If  these people already have somewhere to go to this summer, then it’s not unlikely that they already have plans  for their careers after graduation.

I know what I want to be, and you can say I already know where I want to be as well. Whenever I tell people my plans, they find it…bizarre. What’s going on in the head of this budding journalist? Why would she want to work for a budding station?

The answer? I don’t know either. I was privileged to have watched TV5 shows at that time when they were just starting from scratch. I used to watch their unique shows, like Rakista with Carlo Aquino, and those translated not-just-for-the-sake-of-showing-something anime shows like Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. At that time I remember telling myself that this broadcasting company has so much potential that I waaaaaant to be a part of history-making. I want to join this company.

Everybody seems like they’re chasing life, chasing the dreams that they have dreamed ever since they were little kids. Or high schoolers. But I know that I don’t have to chase life and my dreams, because my God will bring me to life, to my dreams. He has promised a hope and a future for me (Jeremiah 29:11) and I don’t have to worry about a single thing. He who has perfected my faith will also perfect my future. Instead of running along with the crazed crowd, I think God wants me to sit back and enjoy His presence. Because only when I stay with Him can I see my dreams come to pass. And before I know it, I will see life and my dreams unfold before my eyes.

I can only trust God with my future, because only in Him can security be found.

P.S. Before I even got to finish this blog entry, I took the liberty and sent TV5 an e-mail inquiry for an internship with their company. Surely God is in control. My heart is at peace :’)


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