Book sales were made for me.

Only recently have I recovered my fondness of reading, and in all honesty, at this point I still don’t know which books I need to read before I die or the ones I have to avoid. So basically, I just buy books for no reason at all. I like to read, that’s all. I pick up books that someone else likes and I give it a try. If I like it, then Holla favorite author! But if I don’t, it’s no biggie.

Maybe that’s the reason why I am grateful for book sales. Because the books are cheap, you don’t regret buying a boring book, or something that doesn’t suit your taste. And how many books can I buy with 1K in book sales? And who cares if they’re read, hand-me-down books? It’s my version of innocent enjoyment. Discovering a lovely book during book sales is my jouissance!

So today I made some lovely purchases: Les Miserables and The Art of Loving, all for 300 bucks! That’s like, one original book at FullyBooked! Yey for cheap purchases! Yey for new old books! Yey for reading!

I think people should read more.  It’s not just for bragging rights, that you’ve read more books than other people have. The paradoxical thing about it is that in isolating yourself while reading books, you are actually expanding your world! And it is fact, that people continue learning outside and after school. One way of learning is through books. There is an overabundance of good books everywhere!

Let’s read, read, read! PAGBASA ay PAGbASA!


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