Lookie at my new baby

For other news:

  • I got a gift today! A stamp and a stamp pad ink for my lovely stamp which I got from a U-Belt trip last semester! Finally! I’ll be stamping like crazy!
  • I miss recapping, so after working on this article, I’ll get back to that. I’ve been listening to Dramabeans’ podcasts, and I’m now more inspired than ever to get back to recapping Gloomy Salad Days!
  • I bought a domain! YEY YEY YEY (But before I even say my fourth YEY…Does anyone know how to link a Google domain to WordPress?! If anyone does, please please HELP MEEEEE!) YEY!
  • I want to watch Hyun Bin’s Secret Garden! If only acads+orgs won’t get in the way (plus if midoyo actually has it online!). But I’ve been reading javabean and girlfriday’s recaps, and I must say, I think I would enjoy it if I were watching it because the recaps alone is hilarious and lovely!
  • I have (yet again) a secret blog!
  • Life is very good to me lately 🙂 Actually, no. Make that GOD is good to me, always 😛

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