Even in pain

It takes so much strength and courage to lift up other people’s spirits when you’re down yourself. This is why I’d rather talk to other people, to God, rather than blog about my own miseries. But I think God is calling me to write about my life stories–good or bad–and learn from all of them. God wants me to write so He may be glorified through me.

Humbly I confess that my grammar still needs so much improvement, and that I should practice with my word play more often. But God is calling me now, while I’m broken, and not later, when I’m already perfect. God wants the broken me, so He can fix me for Himself. He wants me just the way I am.

So, forgive me if I write only when I feel like being random, or when I’m bored. I will try my hardest to write even when my mood won’t allow me to. I’m not saying that expressing myself like what I’ve been doing lately is bad, but I know I have to give God all the credit that is due Him. From now on, I will write as if my life depended on it. This will entail more reflection, and more reflection means more time spent with God.

Because what is this blog without God at the center of it?



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