Second semester predictions

I suppose an obligatory blog for the first week of the semester is in order, so here I am to let you in on my second sem thoughts: I might actually pull this off.

I pray and hope I can again make it to The List this semester, and I have to really work hard for that to happen. No more wasting time, no more Tinatamad ako eeeeeh and this time around, I really want to do my best, acads and non-acads wise.

Second semester is the shortest semester of every school year, but I’m sure it’ll be a happier semester as compared to previous semesters, no matter how short it is. 🙂

Here’s to Magis, to courage in writing those articles for COMMotion, The GUIDON, WAC, and in venturing to new horizons, starting with Philippine Cinema. Here’s to reading in advance for Philo, Histo and Theo. Here’s to putting God first in everything. Here’s to an exciting semester ahead!

And here’s to lesser time spent in the Internet 😛


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