So what if I’m crazy?

I’m a fan. πŸ˜›

You see, I’m in all angles impatient for Rainie’s new and upcoming drama with Wu Chun, “Sunshine Angel”, and then THIS happens:

SETTV taps Rainie Yang and Jerry Yan for Fated to Love You sequel

Remember when Rainie was just that little character on Meteor Garden alongside someone who was then a hot and promising actor, Jerry Yan? Rainie has reached this height of her career (and I believe even more successful than Barbie, HA!) that they’re (Rainie and Jerry) now on the same level! (And my bias self would say that Rainie’s even more popular than Jerry…..ok. I hear crazy Jerry Yan fans rushing this way. I take that back. :P)

I will pray earnestly that this happens. I hope this isn’t just any rumor. Oh, I haven’t told you yet that Rainie won Best Actress during the Golden Bell Awards, eh? Now you know. She’s not just any ordinary idol actress. She’s a gem. She’s talented, gorgeous, humble and lovely.

I just love her.

I heart you! ❀

Cheers to you, Girl Crush, and may your career continue to soar! Oh, and can you help your debut buddy, Mike He, redeem himself? Please film a drama with him again! I miss you together!

For other news:


Paburger naman you!


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