I don’t know how You do it but You do it real well.

Before, whenever I feel spiritually dry and afar from God, I’d always wish I could accept Christ in my life again. Remember those days when you were still a baby Christian? You were so on fire, you’d want to speak about God all day, everyday. You can’t stop praising Him. He was your everything…

…until it all died down. Suddenly, without you knowing, the fire burned out. You lost interest with the Bible; you can’t seem to get yourself on your knees to pray. Everything just seemed boring, lifeless. You were back to your old ways, to your old self. The world is good at selling itself, and people who are weak and self-reliant will definitely buy it.

Today I realized one thing: Once you accept Jesus into your life, He is there to stay, in your heart, forever. He will never leave. Even if you feel that you and Jesus have drifted far away from each other. Even if you think you’re not worthy anymore to go back. When you have looked the other way, He is actually just waiting with open arms to receive His lovely daughter/son back. He won’t blame you for leaving Him. He won’t get angry. He loves you, so great He doesn’t care how many times you have failed Him. He has paid the price, anyway, so He should get what He paid for: You.

You can’t escape God’s love, so don’t waste your life trying to get away from Him. Somehow, I think God knows He will get you back no matter what happens. I think it’s His love that draws us near, keeps us coming back. And I like it. I like how His love is like this sort of magnetic energy that draws me closer and closer to Him. It’s not the blessings, not heaven, not all the riches of this world; it’s Him and His love, His beauty, His grace. Grace that is more than enough.

I hope and pray I won’t ever feel spiritually dry or afar from God ever again, but if I do, I know I won’t be wishing I was Born Again. I know what I ought to do now: I will look to the cross, the reminder of His love. Because I am quite certain that His love will bring life to my bones. And I’m sure that His love is enough for me to abandon the temporary things that this world has to offer.

His love is simply amazing. 🙂


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