I’ve always wanted to do more than just writing. I want to familiarize myself with music–the good kind. I want to watch movies and know which ones are good, which ones are meh, and which ones are just for laughs. I want to try photography. I want to travel around the Philippines and try good food. I want to read more books and learn which books are good, which books are meh, and which books are just for fun.

I want to do a lot of things, but I guess with what I am now and with what I want to accomplish, I won’t see these things happen anytime soon. There is a time for everything, the book of Ecclesiastes would say, and I believe in that very much.

It’s just…sometimes I wish I can do so much more than what I can now. But I don’t like being greedy like this at all. These are all my wants. And not too long ago I have already realized that I just can’t always get what I want because, well, that’s my self ruling. And I can’t let the self rule.

I am already new. No traces of the “old self” should be left.


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