I just finished watching two Korean dramas over first semester/sembreak: Playful Kiss and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. These two dramas were really eye candies in their own slate, and their characters have really grown in me, especially MGIAG’s Gu Mi Ho.

What I really really liked about My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is its plot movement. You move with the story, with the characters, as if you’re part of the drama itself. You cry and laugh with them, and some scenes make you just want to watch it forever because of its cuteness. And then you wonder how a drama can become so cute and yet so fully developed like that. And then you find out the Hong Sisters wrote it, and then you say “Ah, that’s why.”

While plot was MGIAG’s strength, it was Playful Kiss’ weakness. It was all cuteness, no plot. Ok, so I’m pretty harsh in saying it has no plot since of course it does, but the plot was very flat. You don’t feel the tension when there is one, because most of the time it isn’t developed enough. But I must give it to them: you would really want to watch the drama because of how pretty everything is to the eyes. And I’m not even talking about the characters yet. The cinematography is just wow, even better than MGIAG, I must say. And then there’s Jung So-Min and Kim Hyun Joong, two people  whose cuteness (individually) are to die for. As a couple? I don’t know…

I won’t compare PK to the Taiwanese version. I just hope the web episodes will redeem this hanging feeling I got from its (very) abrupt ending. As for MGIAG, well, I’m really satisfied about everything, really. I dreaded seeing its ending because I don’t want it  to end just yet.

And I think effective dramas should be like that. You would be so attached to it  that you’d dread to see it end. You’d do anything to watch it forever. And so this girl right here is sure to rewatch MGIAG one more time.

I wonder when Filipino dramas will be so plot-driven that I would want to watch them and write about them. I don’t know. Our dramas have so much to learn from Korean dramas. I hope this is how Filipino producers and writers will take the Hallyu wave, that they would learn from it and develop what seems effective to suit the Filipino taste. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not a hater of everything Filipino because I love being a Filipino. I just hope I’d get to see better dramas showing on television, so that someday, I can write about them.

And no, it doesn’t help that Filipino dramas air too long. Why can’t we have dramas airing for 16-20 episodes only? Japanese dramas can even go as short as 10 episodes!

Going back to MGIAG and PK: I will miss having to watch out for the next subbed episodes of these dramas. I will also miss reading recaps by javabeans and girlfriday. I shall miss a lot, but of course there’s always Gloomy Salad Days and Sunshine Angel to look forward to 🙂

Here’s a little cute something I saw from ronairis of deviantart:

I will miss you, Hoi Couple! :3


7 thoughts on “On PK and MGIAG

      • Ahhh! T_T matatapos na sembreak. feeling ko sa Christmas break ko na yan mapapanood. si Ji Hoo ba yung bida (BOF)?

        uyy bechay, napanood ko na yung Personal Preference.. yung kay Lee Min Ho mylovesss. :)) Kaso kung kelan ko natapos, sakto ipapalabas na sa ABS sa nov. 8… anuberrr

      • Yeahp! Kim Hyun Joong, ang asawa ko 😛
        Wow napanuod mo na Personal Taste hoorah! Okay lang yan, mas ok panuorin na subbed kesa tinagalog. In my opinion :))

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