Dating insecure, binago ni Kristo.

Because only God can change a life; no human effort can. We can never attribute a changed life as our own doing, because what we are are but vessels. We are participants, but God begins and finishes.

As the song say: Greater things have yet to come, greater things are still to be done in this city. And I’m very much excited. I have chosen the life that is worth living, and I’m glad my faith is in the One True Living God. I can never imagine myself worshiping another; God alone is worthy of my praise.

If you’re not excited yet, be so! I just know in my heart that we will see and do far more greater things than what Jesus saw and did in His lifetime. We are co-heirs with Him. Our goal? To be Christ-like. To love in the most unconditional way.

The revolution has began.


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