Second to the last sembreak…

I will make the most out of you.

Thus, a sembreak list:

  1. Lose weight lose weight lose weight, because I don’t plan on treating someone to Korean restaurant yet again. :))
  2. Write recaps for CPopAccess! First recap up. You may read it here.
  3. Watch drama series–lots of ’em!
  4. Sleepovers with my girls! Individual, group and with the BFFs. Because walking side by side with these girls is serious business. 🙂
  5. Meet up with highschool friends. Because my presence is highly demanded haha.
  6. Level up with my quiet time. This can keep me from thinking about things. Not that I regret them. I just need to look closer at God’s bigger picture for my life. 😛

I remember a song I wrote from years back about sembreak. The lyrics, to the tune of Rivermaya’s Bye Bye Na:

“Sembreak na, ang saya-saya

Di ko akala na darating ka pa”


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