Ode to IJ

Mayel slept over last night so we can finish the biggest stressor of this semester: IJ. It was fun. We sang to Dong Le for countless times, drowned ourselves in caffeine, and just bonded over sidebars and an unfinished article.

It was a sleepless night, but it was really fun. I did not feel like it was a burden at all, and it made me appreciate IJ more. Heck, Mayel and Kai made me appreciate this subject more.

I will remember them for the:

  1. unplanned interviews
  2. long commutes to different places
  3. fun conversations in fast food chains
  4. picture taking in the middle of a pedestrian lane
  5. girly chikka sessions
  6. everything else that excites me whenever I’m with them

After everything has been written, said and done, only this remains: I will remember IJ because of my girls. And this isn’t stopping here. πŸ™‚

As my cheesy commentary said:Β What I got out of IJ are not colleagues, not classmates, but friends. Caramays. :’)

Here are more photos from our overnight! We missed The Boss, Kai!



Imitating the latest girl crush, Shin Min Ah aka Gumiho. HOI HOI!



6 thoughts on “Ode to IJ

  1. Teeeh, sleepover uli ako sa inyo. Hihihi! >:D

    Ano ba ito, bigla kong na-miss IJ natin, and the sessions, too! I love you, girls! >:D<

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