Updates, updates

This will be my last blog before I dive into the raging water that is Hell Week. I will overcome, though, because God is my God. 😀


To the loveliest, strongest woman in my life:


No kidding, you don’t look 50 at all! 😛


Inspired by the BF’s writing stint in hellokpop, I also inquired at cpopaccess. Originally, they’re looking for writers who can understand Chinese. I only took Chinese 1, so yes, my skills can only go so far as Ni hao ma? and Wo jiao Jee. But because I’m a curious little cat, I e-mailed still and asked if they’re interested in writers who will recap Taiwan dramas for them. I’m really eager to learn how to recap series, inspired by the recapping powers of writers at dramabeans.

To my surprise, they were really looking for writers interested to recap series. They asked if I’m game, and of course I said yes! It’s hitting two birds with one stone! It’s writing and getting to watch series in the process. I didn’t know things were that easy, but I’m still thankful.

Soooo! If you’re a TDrama fan like moi, watch out for my recaps at CPopAccess next week, or the latest, the week next to that. I’m really, really excited for this! Praise God! 🙂

Now off I go as I pursue magis! 🙂 See you in a week or two! 😛


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