This first, then work

This has been bugging me for days–no, weeks–already, and even my best friend Ate Lysha knows how frustrated I am about this…that. I don’t know what to do, what to say. Sure, we laugh about it, but truth is, it’s not even funny anymore. I don’t know how to bring it up without causing pain and the like. But then again, can I even do that? Isn’t pain part of loving? (And no, I’m not being emo)

It just goes to show how stubborn humans can get. I admit I’m just as stubborn. It’s a very human thing, and at times it feels so good to be so stubborn. Doing what you want and being against the world about it–something I’d see in the movies.

But the wake-up call is this: I am not of this world. I don’t belong here. Stubbornness shouldn’t be part of my system. Obedience is my calling, my duty. I was made to love, and to obey.

Do I have all the right to be frustrated? Yes! But can I blame anyone about it? I don’t think so. Because it’s human nature, and when you let your guard down, it sure will find its way back to your lifestyle. Unless you have fully surrendered yourself to God’s will, things will never change. You have to let go, let God.

She has been very stubborn, and I have to forgive, be gentle. I have to love.

I have been very stubborn, and God has already forgiven me. I don’t need gentleness; if I should cry, then cry I will. If I should be hurt, then hello pain. Because this is how God loves me. And only the foolish despise correction.

I am definitely not foolish.


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