So I’m putting this here…

EDIT #1: 5 days after this post and I haven’t started anything I wrote here. Ah, undisciplined, mediocre me. Should start this…tomorrow? :))

Oh, and other “rules” I want to impose:

  • water only (lukewarm water, because I have been told that cold water makes one..more hungry)
  • no sweets

…para wala nang bawian :))

I really neeeeeed to exercise! And diet! After tomorrow I plan to:

1. Take more walks – well, thing is, because of the very hectic schedule, running is really still out of the picture. And I’m too shy to go to the gym alone K. So yeah. Will prolly take more walks. Which means I can’t be bringing Josh (the laptop) around with me always if I want to take longer walks.

Oh, and also. I really have to find that running shoes. Just where did it go?

2. No rice – this really worked for me before, I tell you. I’m trying real hard to make this happen (why o why do Filipino ulams seem so tasteless without rice WHY?!)

The goal: 57 kg.






Rainie Yang milabs

By now you should already now how I adore this woman. No recent news about her, but I like her. She still complains about having big thighs, BUT I DON’T CARE SHE’S SO SHMEXY. My fitspiration 😀

Eugene. Whew. :3

Ok, her mom role in Wonderful Life totally deceived me. SHE’S SO GORGEOUS OK. 😀  And the hair!

This post is random and you can ignore it. Posted it so I won’t go back on my words.


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