Just what exactly happened?

At one point in her life, that girl was number one in her best friend crew. She cannot imagine anyone else taking her place. Her other friends thought so too–thinking the girl was the most special, they gave her the last slot, the most important slot, on her most special birthday.

Just what exactly happened? That she does not know. Is it the conflicting schedules?  Or has it been like this ever since? Has it been one-sided all along?

She’s still doing fine, despite the “loss”. The number one spot is shared by two wonderful girls,  and they mean the world to her. That other girl? She is still special alright. But things change, and so do people.

This isn’t a sad ending, you know. This is just a realization that there are only a few people who will feel the exact same way you feel for them. And when you find these people? Treasure them, by all means. Because one thing is certain, this one is true: they will stick by your side ’til the very end.

I should know.


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