I love Sundays.

This is why.

We’re missing a few here (@iceseeicesee, @iamhannahrivera, @cutiechristine and Dianne Castillo), while @blairwaldork is the photographer (HOHOHO, you know, photographer, with the *ehem* DSLR //wink)

Betsy and Ilka treated us to Figaro (the one in front of church, first time to be there even after  being in Q.Ave for 12 years). Next stop? Shakey’s! The perks of being in a church located strategically around yummeh food places!

I am very blessed with you girls. I don’t care if you call me Nanay or whatever, because I’m really happy to see all of us this close! I’m just…awww. I love you all! >:D<

I love cell group time. It just takes away all the pressures of school, of life in general. Being with these girls is the best feeling there is! (Yes, sometimes even better than…)

I can’t wait to see these girls lead girls of their own, enjoying cell group time as much as I do when I am with them.

I really want to revive God’s Girls (I’m looking at you, Ate Lysh and Camille!). More than just laughing our hearts out during cell group time, I want to see these girls in action. I am determined to get them on their feet, moving by faith!

Because there’s really no other place I’d rather be. :’)


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