Happy, tired, happy

Because I’m happier than tired, and if being this happy requires that I be tired all the time, then by all means I resolve to be tired more often from now on.

Now I think my being happy for these past few days require a lengthier post, but because I’m tired (and happy!), I’ll have to post it here so I don’t forget. A sort of sneak peek, anyone?

1. Tin’s debut, September 5

Thank you to my sponsor, blairwaldork, for the pretty doll dress!

2. Trip to Manila, September 6

Details soon!

For the mean time, here’s a NEWS FROM RAINIE YANG, from whom I haven’t heard any news from for ages (close? :>)

I bet I’m the only person interested with that news, but it doesn’t matter! I’m too happy to care haha!

ALSO! My KPop feature writing paper, to follow my lengthy post which I will post (hopefully) tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “Happy, tired, happy

  1. Waaaah, Jee! You look gorgeous! Ang ganda mow pohwz! 😄

    And yeah, buti i-po-promote na nina Rainie ung Child’s Eye sa… Venice Film Fest! Ang angas, pero I’m proud of her!

  2. MAYEL! Di nemen mesyedoooo! Thank you! :3
    Also, yes! I can’t wait. Although watching the trailer, di pa rin ako sanay na horror actress siya. Masyado akong attached sa idol reputation niya e. Haha

    Pano ka napadpad dito pala? :))

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