Back to the Throne

I am not of this world.

Believe me when I say that I don’t really believe so much in coincidences. I think you’d agree too. We all know things, circumstances always happen for a reason, and this happened after this because of one thing: God is already starting to help the Philippines return to its clean slate. Common sense: you can’t really clean something unless you know and see that it’s dirty, right? Both events happened because the Philippines need to see these irregularities. Investigative Journalism is about resurfacing issues that people want to keep secret. I am in this subject (IJ), in this track (Journalism), in this course (Communication) and in this school (Ateneo) for a reason: I will glorify God with my life.

I feel so alive.

I always end my prayers with the phrase ‘We give you back all the glory and honor and praise, in Jesus’ name’ but it wasn’t as evident and as striking to me as it has been lately. It started during my ministry’s Psalms Project. Some psalms spoke of giving back God the glory, because our glory is found in Him.

Come Passion worship concert last summer, Louie Giglio’s message was about making God famous. It will never be about me, ever. I am just a little detail in God’s big battle plan to claim back His creations. I have a big role, but I am in no way important. Because this is all about Jesus.

I then purchased a devotional book by Max Lucado entitled “It’s Not About Me” and, well, I don’t think I need to tell you what the book is about.

I was at 1040 last Monday and Jaeson Ma said it’s not about me, so I better shut up with my excuses such as ‘But I’m not ready yet!‘.

And today, Pastora Eva Fajardo said it again. Put Him first above EVERYTHING ELSE and see if He won’t open up His reserves in heaven and rain down blessing after blessing that will be more than enough for you, so much so that it will overflow to others.

God has been reiterating this message to me, and it only means two things: either I am still not doing it, or God has something BIG in store for me, and He wants me to understand that whatever that BIG thing is, it will never be about me. He is already reminding me not to think so highly of myself, because reality is, without God I am nothing.

Do not be surprised if more irregularities will be out in the open for the public and the whole world to see; God is definitely cleaning up this country. I am excited, honestly, and it may not sound as appealing to people who fear the temporary. My eternity is already sealed, and I fear nothing but God.

I am not of this world. The world thinks I’m crazy, because even in the presence of evil, I am at peace. Even in turmoil there is a future. My God is already starting His work. I won’t be left behind.

I will not point fingers on who to blame. I am pointing to the heavens, because I am pretty sure God is in control. He is still in control.

I am still, as ever, excited for the Philippines. 😀


2 thoughts on “Back to the Throne

  1. Amen, amen and amen! I think I was this close to nodding my head off sa Word kanina.

    People tend to grumble at almost everything, and I am no exception. But today, I was encouraged to look at the bigger picture. My prayer today was to be extra-sensitive to the things that God is doing so I’ll know what to pray for. I want to know where He wants to work. More importantly, I want to be the person He uses to do that work!

    • Ako rin! Super nod rin ako kaninang Word! 🙂 Sabi ko nga sa 365 tweet ko today, CRC has a special calling. It may not seem like it, but God is already working in and through us! Now all we need to do is say yes, no matter what. Greater things have yet to come to the Philippines and to CRC! 🙂

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