Nimen hao ma?

Since I’ve  started sharing about my *coughs* “addiction/s”, then itutuloy ko na. While Friday’s post was all about my Korean loves, today I’m sharing my real guilty pleasure: anything Taiwan.

This video here is CPopAccess’ (remember?) list of Top 10 Best Taiwanese Idol Dramas of the 00’s. Watch it first.

What is an idol drama? rokkuramu defined it as this:

A drama series that employs or sometime builds around its cast – in this case idols. Idols, in my opinion on the term, are individuals who are currently the most popular in their field. From what I’ve seen, many of them are singers who garnered many fans and shot to fame. Their popularity and large fan base soon become incentives for directors to hire these singers to act in their drama shows. This could sometime results in a great and fresh show with new faces for a change. Other times, disasters spill over when these singers are unable to act. Why? Well, because they’re singers and have no training in acting. So from what I’ve come to understand, idol drama are shows that showcase many idols as the main cast. With their current popularity, the directors are hoping for a high rating to boost his or her career.

I do agree with the position of some idol dramas in this list, like Black & White, Hana Kimi, Frog Prince, Meteor Garden, Devil Beside You, Fated To Love You, and It Started With A Kiss. I haven’t seen the other three dramas in the list, but since they were included, I think I’ll give them a shot and watch them.

Black & White


Hana Kimi


Frog Prince

Fated To Love You


Meteor Garden

It Started With A Kiss

Devil Beside You

But hey, where’s MARS? I can understand that Why Why Love isn’t there, since I still believe Devil Beside You is Rainie’s most successful drama, but MARS? That’s the REAL hit. I would’ve taken out Fated To Love You and include MARS. Now that list should be better.


Check out this link for my TDrama Reviews. 🙂

One more thing I found today: Devil Beside You is actually from a Japanese manga, Akuma de Sourou!!! :3

Ok, I’m off to reading this one. Well, that is, after my long list of to-do’s. Hope I can scratch them all off so I’ll be free for tomorrow’s date with the BFFs plus the brother, Jady and Shan! Can’t wait can’t wait!


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