Here’s a realization

I do not remember liking an e-mail account THIS MUCH. Yo, Y!Mail, I’m happy for you, and Imma let you finish, but GMail is so much better in every way. IN EVERY WAY.

How cute is that! :3

In other news: I will assume all of you already know that I have deleted my Tumblr account. After that very liberating day (ha, I kid you not), I found myself with nothing to do during my spare time–I mean, my “this is my time to de-stress” time. Because I can look at Tumblr all day and not tire (much like Facebook’s effect on almost everyone except me). So, when I am caught doing nothing during my “spare time”, I look at three sites: 

Now I won’t bore you with my addiction/s, but I’m sharing this one Drama Special I saw from Dramabeans. It’s light, fun, and my kind of Korean drama. 🙂 I won’t even try recapping it as my (feature-ish) writing skills may not give it justice, so I’m linking you to a good recap from Dramabeans:

The Great Gye Choon-bin

Click the image to watch the drama special!

These are the kind of dramas I’d like to see from Filipino directors; light, fresh and fun. This is the kind of acting I’d like to see from Filipino actors/actresses, but of course, with the Filipino twist.

Wishful thinking is wishful, but hey, the Philippine TV industry still has hope. 😛

Last thing: A teaser of Kim Hyun Joong’s newest drama, Playful Kiss, now out! I can’t wait for this, SERIOUSLY! But but, I think something’s wrong in this video. His role is a stoic genius, so why is he flashing his ever-so sweet smile in here? Lookie.

But I still can’t wait. 😀 😀 😀


3 thoughts on “Here’s a realization

    • Ang cute nung background e! 😀

      Ate, panuorin natin Playful Kiss a! Maganda story niyan promise, if you’ve heard Taiwan’s It Started With A Kiss. Plus, that’s KHJ. Enough reason to watch 😛

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