Bye July

Half an hour into August, and here I am looking back at the memories that my favorite month has brought me. July 2010 is by far my second favoritest July ever, the first being July 2009 (my debut, of course!).

So much has happened this month. I was: excited; at times, anxious; most of the time, happy; all in all, fulfilled. I also had my fair share of drama, and daily dozes of you-make-me-happy-when-you’re-being-you moments (not pertaining to a single you, of course).

Right now, I’m nearing the point of panic, and this fast-paced life I chose is already taking its toll on me. Good heavens I have July 2010 to look back to. When everything starts getting into a mess, and when the going starts getting tough, I have July 2010 to make me smile.

I have July 2011 to look forward to.


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