Made me smile.

Ok, I have a 12 midnight deadline, and Ateneo’s library will only be open until 9pm, and Tattoo is being very sucky. Earlier this afternoon I was already at the verge of crying. I missed a 3:45pm deadline, and now I’m here trying to edit a video. I’m no editor! But in spite of all this stress, I’m here blogging! Why, you may ask. BECAUSE this just waved all the bad vibes goodbye!

Dear Joy,

As discussed last Saturday, I was delighted when I heard the several very good feedback regarding the CRC Sunday Service last June 27. The mantle of God’s annointing for a worship leader is clearly on you.

I encourage you to write down this experience in your journal. I am very sure that there were plenty of revelations that were poured out on that day.

There will be many days of revelation ahead of you. God’s favor is on you.

I encourage you to soak and drink the Word of God daily. Be faithful and be ready to pay the cost.

Much love,
Tita Jo

A message from my worship ministry leader, Tita Jo Padua. And here’s my reply!


Wow, hearing (or reading haha) this from you really encouraged me. I’m really very stressed right now, and this just removed all the tension I’m feeling!

Sometimes I really see myself in the future more as a worship leader than a journalist. We’ll see where God will lead me. But as for now I’m really up to the challenge of balancing both!

I don’t know if I can write about it now because the intense feelings are not there anymore (hehe) but thank you for reminding me. I will make sure from now on to write about my worship leading experiences. 🙂

My walk with the Lord has never been this fun and deep, and Tita, you’re taking over of Pentecost really impacted a lot of things in my spiritual life! Thank you, and I’m looking forward to serving the Lord with you more! 🙂

In gratitude (hahaha meganun),

How lovely it is if in the future I do become a full time worship leader! I’m really praying for it, praying if to be a journalist is really my calling. My spiritual life has gone nowhere but up these past few months, and I know God is really smiling back at me, because every time I talk to Him I always get this giggly feeling inside.

Today, for example, I borrowed my blockmate’s iPod and listened to “Awesome God”  five times! I was smiling the entire time, and I may have looked crazy (and I don’t care!) but God’s love?

Truly awesome. ❤



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