A Surprise!

Bible Coasters!

Got these lovelies from THE sheenalovessunsets! I was really excited with this purchase because (1) I love her blog and her drawings and (2) I suddenly had an idea of giving an advance birthday gift to my best friend blairwaldork because Sheena is her favorite blogger and she was the one who introduced me to Sheena’s blog.

For Besh! ❤

These are what I got for Ate. ❤ Ha! No self-portrait with the coasters because I look sickly. Stupid flu T.T

Now here’s a three-step guide to wrapping a personalized gift like this:

Step 1

Step 1: Rip a page from a magazine. (Guess the magazine! Sorry, I’m not a magazine person, so this is the future of most of the magazines at home.) Make sure the page is as related to the person you want to give the gift to as possible. In this case, I took a page from the dresses and accessories section!

Step 2

Step  2: Cut the ripped page evenly and start wrapping the gift!

Step 3

Step 3: Place a sticky note and write your message! Voila! You’re done! 😀 (Forgive the wrong spelling of “advanced”. I always tend to spell it like that heh)

Advance Happy Birthday Besh! >:D< Love you! ❤

EDIT: THE  sheenalovessunsets reblogged my similar post here and the reblog earned me one new follower in Tumblr and 34 notes! I don’t get that much notes in Tumblr EVER (because I ain’t a celebrity there heh). It feels good to be “liked” but then reality sinks. Things like that won’t happen to me anytime soon. Especially in Tumblr, since my blog there is pretty much anything goes.


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